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Fucking People!!!!!!!!!!  
08:09am 02/03/2009
I'm so peevedright now, I got a call this morning (7am) from a friend telling me that she won't be able to exercise with me today, now mind you she already informed me last week about this, so why she felt the need to wake me from a dead sleep and remind me I have no Idea. Secondly she informs me that the new old car she owns has broken down and instead of looking into repair it she is getting another new-old car and will need to take out some money from the savings account she had me establish for her under my name because she has bad credit. This little money that she and her husband has which is supposed to be saved for real emergencies she's going to waist on another fucking car from the same dealership that she baught the first fucking car. I tried to explain to her that she is better off just gettting an estimate from a few repair shops and finding one who will fix her car at a reasonable price instead of getting another car from the same tool who sold her the firts one, but she wont listen. So here i am today annoyed as fuck for getting a call at 7 in the moring to inform me of something i already knew and informing me of what a fucking idiot of a friend i really have and her lack of common scense. Fucking Christ I really hate people right now. She better not call me anymore today so help me god because i will be so inclined to tell her how much of a fucktard she's being. FUCK!
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08:02pm 04/03/2009 (UTC)
Wow 7 am. That is a lie in. I was woken at 4:33 this morning by a little hug monster. Cant really get cross and sear a lot like you can. Gave her a quick cuddle then put her back in bed. Couldnt get back to sleep after that though. At least my better half got out of bed when our eldest got up. I stayed in bed until 8. Stil knackered though.
My car broke in August last year. Spent £350 trying to get it repaired then garage told us it would be a big job and more money. We cut our losses and bought a new old one. Could have done without the bodged repair bill though. Have tried to live without one but just cant where we live.
Remember you can chose your friends.
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10:35pm 04/03/2009 (UTC)
very true and after i simmered down i realized that it really isnt something for me to get upset over, its her money and she will do with it what she will, so i just have to learn how to take things she tells me in stride and not let it get to me because even though i want to help her manage her finances reasonably, i cant unless she wants to be helped. I also realized that i curded alot in this entry, way more than i curse in life. LOL, im gonna have to curb that.
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