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Kicks and Giggles...

Welcome to my little corner of the Universe!

9 July 1985
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My journal IS NOT FRIENDS ONLY for a couple of reasons:

1. It's stupid to keep these things friends only when you say "comment to be added" and ya add everyone anyway.
2. If I seriously wanted something to be "friend's only", I'd make it a friends only entry.
3. If you add me, I'm gonna add you, no questions asked I don't care why you added me, you're just cool cause you wanted me as a friend too :)
4. I'm REALLY BAD about keeping up with all my friends journals but I will try and read your entries as best as I can, it just may not happen.
5. If you un-friend me for any reason, I don't care what it is, it's fine with me, but I may not unfriend you cause I'm too lazy to.
6. My journal is mainly for me bull shitting around and I don't mind if ya wanna comment on anything, just don't get an attitude with me cause I'm really freaking mellow about almost everything, but if ya push the right buttons, I'll just delete your comment and block you and then you've wasted your time bothering me.

So a little about me....

I'm in my mid-20's, born and raised in Chicago, but now I live in the burbs. If I'm not working, I'm probably out with my friends, who abso-freakin-lutely rock! Ya you know its true, or reading the latest vampire novel. I am a HUGE! HUGE! HUGE! J.R. WARD fan, her books are my Bibles. LOL! Okay maybe I'm exaggerating that a bit, but seriously, everyone should read her Black Dagger Brotherhood series, they're erotically addictive; these males are what wet dreams are made of! What else, what else...Oh right...I love most things SiFi/Fantasy, espically fan fiction, slash fiction is great too. and I also like to draw and wright. I'm into photography and painting. I'm also into make-up and shopping, not so much with whats trendy, just what looks good to me. I'm a big movie freak, I love watching movies. I like some anime, espically the art, but sometimes it's a bit much. I like to party and meet new people, and I like trying new things. I work in retail and I really like the company I work for, The people are great and I learn new things everyday. I'm a big animal lover; cats, dogs, birds etc...but my pet of choice is a rat. I have one at the moment and her name is Lady. I absolutely adore her and she is so smart. Anything else...Oh, I love men! I cold never turn gay because nothing gets me wetter then looking at a really hot guy. LOL! Periodically you'll probably see me post some fave pictures of gorgouse men on my blog!

So, thats pretty me. I pretty easy going and friendly. if you wanna know anything else about me just pm me.