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long time no post....Again  
10:49pm 28/05/2009
So my last entry was about 6 weeks ago...wow! i didn't know it was that long. and lets see whats happened thus far. Well my so called diet and exercise plan never went through, i lasted 2 weeks and that was about it. Oh well, I like the way I am and I do want to better my lifestyle, its just lack of motivation and busy with work. Speaking of work, things are going great. Aside from hating one of my retarded co-workers who seems to think she can do whatever the hell she wants, my boss and my DM (district manager) really like the work i've been doing for the store and are giving me a raise in pay, also my DM is considering me for Management. I am so excited about that. I'm ready to manage my own store and this will give me a great oppertunity move up in the company.

Lets see.. what else...OH! Brian from GNC and I are getting along real well. We still haven't  hung out outside of work but it's because his baby's mama would get jealous but that's ok he'll eventually get his balls back and hang out with me outside of work, its only a matter of time. I'm getting to know more about him and his life which is good and i found out that he does find me attractive so i just gotta keep doing what im doing and show him that i can be a good friend and a fun person to hang out with. OMG the other Brian and i get along great, we gossip so much its hilarious! he's up for management too through GNC and I've very happy for him although ill be sad when he leaves the mall.

My girl Angel and her family finally got their own place, its a trailor but its better then the apartment they were living in before. This is the last week they have to move everything out and I believe they will have everything out by tomorrow. I'm happy for them, they needed the bigger space and hopefully she will maintain the cleaning in this house.

my family is good and so are my other friends. Hopefully Sarah and Jeanine will be able to visit me on sunday but if not i'll be able to see them on the 13th of june

The tumors on Lady are gorwing big, i figure she's gonna be dying soon, and i'm sad but there's nothing I can do about it. she's lived a long and happy life for a rat so i wish her the best and ill miss her when she's gone but i don't think ill be getting any more pets any time soon.

I've bought some books lately, an art book, a makeup book and a few romance novels, I haven't been in the mood to read them though, i've been so tired from work....I really gotta stop buying so many books at a time. Dman Barns and Noble! Damn them! LOL!

well thats the readers digest version of whats been going on with me, hopefully i'll have more to fill in on in a shorter amount of time.
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My Artwork.....  
09:42pm 13/04/2009

My ArtCollapse )</div>
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Fuck My Life....  
02:56pm 12/04/2009
After seeing Chrissy (Brian's Girlfriend) on myspace, I'm beginning to think that there is something wrong with me to not be able to get a guy. Jesus Christ! How is it that a girl like her nabbed him?! I don't get it.  I think I'd better start looking into joining a convent cuz I have no clue about men anymore. WOW! Just WOW! Seriously whats wrong with me?!
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Easter Candy Frenzie...  
10:16pm 10/04/2009
Oh my lordies am I tired form work today, it was non-stop all day at the store. But as much as I'm tired, I've very glad we had big numbers in sales today. I hope tomorrow it the same and we won't have to worry about having so much product after easter. I gotta do an ending invintory tomorrow night too. that should be fun.

I got up around six today cuz I couldn't sleep anymore. I hate when that happens.
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Baby Mama Drama...and Easter Greetings  
10:20pm 09/04/2009
So I was talking to Smiles (Brian's nickname) today and I learned some pretty interesting things. Since he's moved into his own house with his baby's mama, his mother wont speak to him. Chrissy (his baby's mama) is also going around telling people she's his wife even though they're not married. I took it from the tone in his voice that he's not happy about the whole situation at all. everytime he talks about her he is so fucking bitter and I feel really bad because no one should be that miserable in a relationship. He came into my store because he was looking to buy some candy for Chrissy and he even said to my " ya i gotta get something for Chrissy, like that fat bitch need anymore candy." DAMN! Talk about a burn then he proceeded to say "what i should get her is a prenup so i can get half the house." I just about choked on my rockstar i was so taken back by his annimosity towards her. I don't know whats gonna happen with the two of them, but I hope he doesn't marry her, just for the sheer fact that he'll probably end up in a messy divorce not much later after the wedding.  I just couldn't believe he said that shit about her. Poor guy, I bet she got pregnant on purpose too, as a way to keep him. but then again not, she may very well be in love with him and think think all is well in their relationship. Either way, it doesn't seem to be going so well....Relationships suck LOL!

Work has been pretty good, espically since easter is just 3 days away, I just hope more people come in to by candy in the next 2 days and wipe us clean, to boost sales and deplete our inventory, that would be very nice.  I'm not doing anything really special for Easter, just going to Church with my Mom. After that, there's not much my family does, just chill for the day really.

I'm really excited that Sarah and Jeanine are coming in next weekend, we're gonna have so much fun. Hopefully its nice out so I can show them around town. and we'll more than likely hit the mall and do some shoping. Smiles works Saturday night so they'll get to see him finally. and meet my boss cuz my boss is cool.

Man am i tired tonight, its been a long week. I hope i can go to sleep early tonight, i haven't been able to lately.
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It feels like high school all over again lol....  
11:38am 30/03/2009
Since I haven't posted anything interesting lately I thought I'd update today's entrie with some little tidbits that i found out about Brian, the manager that works at the GNC across my store.
1. Is only 20 yrs old
2. Doesn't smoke
3. Doesn't drink (clearly he cant buy it let)
4. Got his girlfriend pregnant when he was 18, she was 24
5. Own a house
6. Been with the company for 3 yrs
7. Only stays with his baby's mama for the sake of the child

Ya its silly that im keeping track of what i find out about him, it feels like high school all over again. We still flirt and pick on each other and now with this information I may actually be so bold as to amp up the flirting seeing as how he has no real interest in his baby's mama. LOL! I'm so mean. But heyhwo am i to deny him the pleasure of my company just because he's in a loveless relationship
we'll see how it all goes.

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long time no post....  
01:40pm 21/03/2009
Its been a while since I've posted anything. I've been working alot at the store and haven't had time for anything else really.  No new development with me and any guy i've mentioned before, like I said, too busy.
I finally got over a cold I've had for the past week, feels good to be able to breath again.
well gotta finish getting ready for work, ill try to post something more soon.
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A day to relax  
10:05pm 05/03/2009
today was a pretty good day. i was off from work and i didn't have any chores pending so i got to relax and do nothing all day. it was nice.
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Fucking People!!!!!!!!!!  
08:09am 02/03/2009
I'm so peevedright now, I got a call this morning (7am) from a friend telling me that she won't be able to exercise with me today, now mind you she already informed me last week about this, so why she felt the need to wake me from a dead sleep and remind me I have no Idea. Secondly she informs me that the new old car she owns has broken down and instead of looking into repair it she is getting another new-old car and will need to take out some money from the savings account she had me establish for her under my name because she has bad credit. This little money that she and her husband has which is supposed to be saved for real emergencies she's going to waist on another fucking car from the same dealership that she baught the first fucking car. I tried to explain to her that she is better off just gettting an estimate from a few repair shops and finding one who will fix her car at a reasonable price instead of getting another car from the same tool who sold her the firts one, but she wont listen. So here i am today annoyed as fuck for getting a call at 7 in the moring to inform me of something i already knew and informing me of what a fucking idiot of a friend i really have and her lack of common scense. Fucking Christ I really hate people right now. She better not call me anymore today so help me god because i will be so inclined to tell her how much of a fucktard she's being. FUCK!
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Back form Chicago  
10:02pm 25/02/2009
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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